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After I read the Flow book by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi back in 2012 I started changing my way of training and playing Capoeira.  Like in life we need to find our flow also in Capoeira.

This design came from sharing ideas with my wife Chitra and the final graphic product from Sundae Reyes. 


This was an event in 1984 in New York organized by Mestre Jelon Vieira, our pioneer of the art of Capoeira in the USA. In this picture: Mestres Acordeon, Preguiça, Marcelo Caveirinha, Camisa, Pilão in memory and Mestre Loremil Machado in memory.  


This art was created by me for a Teacher's encounter we organized in Oakland.  We had 25 local teachers. 

We just wanted to bring everyone closer and remind everyone that this art unifies. 

Bay Area Vadiando 2019.  This is one of my favorite Capoeira events. Here we are free from anything that holds our creativity. Here we play, connect, learn and make friends. In this picture our great Mestre Acordeon and Mestre Aldo Di Bahia.  Oakland CA. 

Cap Logo REVISED-2 copy.jpg

In 2019 Malagueta and I designed another version (an upgrade) of the Flow logo. 

This photo by our great Feneco was taken at the CBLA Batizado.  Here I am playing, enjoying my game and connecting with this beautiful soul: Mestre Xuxo.  He is amazing. So much knowledge but most importantly: he has so much love in his heart. 

Associação copy.jpg

Late 70's in Rio de Janeiro at the Associação. Senzala days. Here is Mestre Paulinho Sabiá (berimbau), Itaborá (pandeiro).  

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