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  • Itabora Ferreira

Capoeira Music, My Initial References

Today (Sunday, September 27, 2020) during a conversation with Mestre Coreba and Formando Currupio, Mestre Coreba asked me about my initial Capoeira singer references.

My initial steps were on street Capoeira. I was still raw in terms of sensibility to understand who sing what and how. I was simply taken by all the magic that Capoeira brings. I was focused on the games and the excitement of exchange kicks and fighting strategies with the other Capoeira player.

Because of my Candomblé background as a drummer I was paying more attention to the beats of the Capoeira percussion instruments than who was singing and what were their styles.

But after I started to understand more about the cantigas, corridos, louvações, ladaínhas I can tell that there were four Capoeira singers who had a big influence on my musical development in Capoeira.

Mestre Azulão, Mestre Altair, Mestre Martins, Mestre Gêgê and Mestre Toni Vargas.

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