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  • Itabora Ferreira

Don't Carry More Than You Can Handle

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

I recently finished a course certification on Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) and it is a game changer for those who are involved in the fitness industry. I can't describe how well-designed this course is. All the information is backed by scientific research and not on guessing or "experience". This program is well-organized and I feel like it will help so many people from both sides of the aisle: trainers, clients, students and coaches.

It will take me probably three or four pages on this blog to explain all the basic details of this course but to make it simple for everyone here, this is the main message of the course: do not add load to a joint that has no capacity to carry that load.

I can use this basic statement in everything I do. If I can't handle something then I should not add a load of obligations and projects in my life that I will not be able to follow through from beginning to end.

There are some Brazilian Portuguese expressions that we use in any conversation and in Capoeira songs that warn anyone about this lack of capacity to carry a "load" on our shoulders: "Quem Não Pode Com Mandinga, Não Carrega Patuá" - "Quem Não Pode Com Rasteira Não Levanta o Pé Prô Ar" - "Nâo Cutuque o Formigueiro Com Vara Curta" and on and on.

So either in a fitness class, gym, Capoeira rodas, and office settings don't attempt to carry more than your capabilities otherwise you may come across consequences that you may not be prepared to bear.

Be aware about the consequences of your actions. Lots of good poetry, messages and philosophy in Capoeira songs.

Enjoy your day!

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